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CEO's Message

We are privileged to play a valuable role in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s through Vision 2030 and beyond. Guided by the long-term vision of our leadership and with our diverse experience, we are motivated to be playing a role in fueling the sustainable economic growth and development of the kingdom.

الاتحاد للطاقة

Since its inception in early 2019, Etihad Energy Solutions has established a strong presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve industrial and commercial sectors, for both private and government clients, as a leading integrated smart energy solution provider, encompassing services on energy audits, designing, procuring and installing and monitoring the performance of these solutions.

We set targets that are attainable through a proactive approach, by teaming up with project financing providers, partnering with reputable local and regional engineers & suppliers firms and Technology Providers to improve economic value and achieve optimal reduction in power and water consumptions.

Our sustainable services ensure smart and efficiency solutions with advanced technologies are utilized for the benefit of all stakeholders. We value fostering and working as a team leading to performance excellence.

“At Etihad Energy Solutions; we are building for the future, in our marketplace, in our communities, in our relationships, and in our Company”

Ibrahim A. Al Nassar

Chief Executive Officer
Etihad Energy